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Monday, July 16, 2012

Get Cracking & Get Walking For Calgary's Seniors & The Golden Age Cub Of Calgary A Candid Conversation With David Howard From The Canadian Legacy Project

There are a number of walks for different causes that take place in Canada each year. A new one has been launched in Calgary. It's the Calgary Seniors Walk in support of the Golden Age club of Calgary. The organization provides a variety of services to persons who are pre-seniors as well as those who are seniors.

The club itself has been around since 1951, the walk to raise funds for the club is a new concept. To talk more about the event and what it means for the club I have reached David Howard from The Canadian Legacy Project. Mr. Howard thanks for walking over to your desk to write back to me and the readers of Candid Conversations

D. Howard: I am thrilled you have taken an interest in this important fundraising event.

Cliff T.: First off congratulations on the launch of the seniors walk in Calgary. This must be very new territory for the club and the Canadian Legacy Project.

D. Howard: This is very exciting event and we are thrilled to be presenting it and working with the Golden Age Club to help them raise their profile in the community and raise much need funds for their organization and the tremendous work they do in the community.

Cliff T.: It seems like doing walks for charities and organizations has become quite the norm these days What prompted the decision to jump into this form of fundraising?

D. Howard: Our walk is very different than any other out there, as walkers under the age of sixty five have to walk the four block route balancing an egg on a spoon, signifying the difficulties seniors have getting around day to day. The event is during lunch hour in downtown Calgary and all walkers will be wearing their yellow event t-shirt, so it is bound to make an impression with corporate Calgary and raise the awareness we need to support our seniors.

Cliff T.: What role does the Canadian Legacy Project have or was this just something you are doing to get the ball rolling for the Golden Age Club?

D. Howard: The Canadian Legacy Project created the event and we are funding and managing the event to support the Golden Age Club. The Canadian Legacy Project is a non-profit with the mission to improve the lives of our disadvantaged youth, seniors and veterans and mobilize collective action in celebrating our legacy.

Cliff T.: Mr. Howard, how did this start, I mean was this your organization's idea or was the first steps made by the Golden Age Club?

D. Howard: I met with the Golden Age Club roughly a year ago and was overwhelmed by the great work they do in the community and saddened that they could do so much more and support so many more seniors if they had the finical resources to do so. With that idea in mind we set out to create an event that would help them raise funds and awareness, not only for their membership but, all seniors. Too many of our seniors are living in poverty and/or are becoming shut ins and, this is something we need to change. They are the builders of this country and we need to support them in their time of need.

Cliff T.: From what I see your plan to have those under the age of 65 walk with eggs on spoons to signify the day to day difficulties that seniors face getting around? Mr Howard I have a sneaking suspicion there is going to be a lot of cracked eggs by the time the walk is done!

D. Howard: I hope so, the more broken eggs the better, because that means we have had good support by the Calgary community. But not to worry, we do have a street cleaner taking care of the mess immediately after the walkers finish.

Cliff T.: What kinds of challenges do seniors face that you want to highlight in this event and what kinds of programs will the money be used for?

D. Howard: There are thousands of seniors living in Calgary's East Village and the majority of these seniors are living in poverty, they do not have the means to get out in the community and socialize and they become shut ins. There are also a large percentage of these seniors that can not afford a proper meal. So the event will raise funds for the Golden Age club so they can help these seniors. The Golden Age Club has an amazing facility but, they lack the funds needed to effectively run the programs our poverty stricken seniors need.

Cliff T.: I am assuming that the way for people to get involved if they want to raise funds during this walk is to sponsor a walker or to become a participant, are there other ways that people can get involved?

D. Howard: We are encouraging people to walk or sponsor a walker, or better yet get a team together sand raise pledges and come out for a fun and unique event.

Cliff T.: These kinds of events can be complex in nature. Were there challenges? And, if so what kinds of challenges did you face when you started to put the event together.

D. Howard: The main challenge is getting people to understand that we have so many seniors that need our support and they are too proud to come out directly and ask for it. As a community we are failing in giving back to those who built this great country and paved the way for so many to have such great success.

Cliff T.: I have to ask are you going to be one of those egg carrying walkers?

D. Howard: You bet, I am raising pledges and will be there on August 30th with egg on spoon and ready to walk

Cliff T.: I am sure that you will be thinking about seniors you know during this event, is there anyone special that helped you keep going during the preparation of the event?

D. Howard: My grandparents showed me the importance of giving back to the community you do business in and I owe them allot for showing me how important it is to do just that.

Cliff T.: Will the legacy Project also be looking at doing this kind of walk for seniors in other cities?

D. Howard: We have had those discussions with other group’s across Canada and are doing some research but, for now, we need to build the best event we can here in Calgary. 

Cliff T.: Well I do think you are well on the way. My best to you the volunteers and the walkers. 

D. Howard: I appreciate you taking an interest in the vent and hope all your followers will come out and support us on August 30th. 

David Howard is with the Canadian Legacy Project. The organization helps youth seniors and veterans who are disadvantaged through various events and donations. 

They recently signed on to help the Golden Age Club of Calgary with they're project, a walk in support of the club. The event itself takes place on August 30th at 12 PM MT in Calgary. For more info on the event you can visit the page at

Dave Howard wrote to us from his location in Calgary AB.