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I have requested two interviews.

1. Eviction Lab, want to know what is happening with evictions in the USA. Check this site out it's not pretty but it's important to talk about. So i have emailed and asked them for some insights.

2. I also contacted a site that does specialty tea sets. I hope to have someone from the site based in the UK contact me soon for an inerview.

3. I have also sent a request to two more people one expert on heat waves and a company that provides expert witnesses for trials.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The F Files aka Paranormal Activity In Florida & The Society That Has Begun To Investigate

Florida is known for many things among them sun and surf as well as a club scene that is pretty vibrant. It's also a place where many seniors stay in the winter, among them lots of Canadians.

However I did not know that Florida was considered to be among one of the hotter spots for paranormal activity, that is until I read a press release asking for people to come forward if they have been the victim of an alien abduction or an encounter with said aliens.

The release from the Florida Paranormal Society got my attention and I contacted Evan Pedone, the founder of the organization to find out more.

Evan thanks for doing a Candid Conversation today.

Evan P.: Hi Cliff: I would like to say thank you for doing a story on our society. It is a privilege to be here with you today.

Cliff T.: The Florida Paranormal Society, interesting what do you do?

Evan P.: Hi Cliff: The Florida Paranormal Society is a research and exploration organization that focuses on the Paranormal. We consider our members modern day explorers. When we perform an investigation, we refer to them as expeditions. Our mission is to uncover the truth in the mysteries of the world. The name Paranormal means outside the range of normal experience…or scientific explanation. Where science ends…we begin. Science and the Paranormal can be friends, however we can’t limit ourselves based on the shortcomings of science or what we believe to be fact at this given time. If humanity did that, we might still think the earth is flat.

Cliff T.: How long has the FPS been around for?

Evan P.: FPS has been a dream of mine for quite a long time. However, it did not come into fruition until last year. In 2013, I decided…it is time to live the adventure.

Cliff T.: I often ask this question, what led to the creation of the organization? The reason I ask is that it is not only interesting to find out the origins of an entity like yours, but the personal background. Was there an event in your life that sparked the decision to create the FPS?

Evan P.: What led to the creation of the society was a culmination of passion, curiosity and a desire to explore. I decided that it was time. I grew up dreaming of traversing this world, searching for lost cities, cryptids and myths and legends. I studied UFOs as a kid, and into my adult life and believed that there had to be something more. I began to expand my horizons and delve into the history of past explorers such as Percy Fawcett. I became a Cryptozoologist and released my theories on the Yeti in my fictitious novel "Expedition Everest". My aim is to take the Florida Paranormal Society beyond what other research organizations will do to uncover the truth. As for life events that would steer me in this direction, I would just say that I was made this way. My wife Ashley and myself are really a lot like Scully and Mulder from the X Files. It is quite funny actually. We are creative thinkers.

Cliff T.: Does the society work in a particular part of Florida or do you go state wide?

Evan P.: Our society will go statewide, and actually we are looking to go international. Our focus is to travel any location, no matter how remote, and bring our expertise and passion for exploration. One of my planned expeditions is the Lost City of El Dorado. It is something we are in development with, and is my dream.

Cliff T.: Evan I am curious about the members or the society, are they from all walks of life? And, how do you deal with children who encounter the paranormal.

Evan P.: In our society, individuals come from all different walks of life. You can be an ardent skeptic, or a devout believer. You can be a scientist, you can work at McDonalds. All are welcome to join. As for dealing with Children and the Paranormal, depending on the age, will greatly determine our approach. Moreover, I think you have to use good judgement on the information you provide. Our main focus of the organization is uncovering the truth, at the same time, we have to be responsible on how we present that information, especially to kids.

Cliff T.: Is there a membership requirement for those wanting to join the society?

Evan P.: To join our society we require a $29.99 annual membership fee. This entitles them to a membership card that we will send them in the mail, and will allow them to join us on our expeditions. We do an interview with the individual to get a better feel of qualifications to make sure they are a good fit for our society. This is actually done by our senior members. Anyone is welcome to join, however we also want to protect the integrity of the society. Both skeptics and believers are welcome.

Cliff T.: in your press release you mentioned that there has been an increase in UFO sightings and alien encounters, your asking people to contact you via the society's web page. What exactly has happened for you to reach out to the public?

Evan P.: We are reaching out to the public because there have been a lot of documented sightings in the Coral Springs area this year.

Cliff T.: I am going to assume that the activity is state wide, is that correct?

Evan P.: There has been activity state wide, in fact as you may be aware the Gulf Breeze sightings of years ago are some of the most well documented, and controversial UFO sightings of the modern era. However, right now we are focusing our energies on the Gulf Coast, and the recent sightings in Coral Springs.

Cliff T.: What kind of detail do you need to know regarding a sighting or an abduction?

Evan P.: When we perform an expedition, and there are witnesses to an event, we perform the expedition in a manner that would be able to withstand scientific scrutiny. It is important that we get as much information about the individual as possible, ranging from basic information such as name (can be kept confidential) and age to the events that unfolded. Moreover, we attempt to collaborate this with other witnesses that might have not come forward, and preferably would not know the initial witness. Furthermore, we attempt to gather any type of physical evidence such as video footage, recordings, to weather that day, and were there any type of weather phenomena. It is imperative that we get as detailed information as possible, and sometimes these can be very personal questions. This is not meant to discredit the individual, but quite the is meant to corroborate it.

When FPS gives credence to a story, the world can know that the event is real, has been verified, and that it is the truth. We cannot risk the integrity of our society at any point. If a story cannot be verified we label it inconclusive, however that doesn't mean we don't continue the search, and that the case is closed. It just means we haven't verified it...yet.

Cliff T.: Evan are you looking to speak with people from a particular age range or anyone who feels they have had these experiences?

Evan P.: Anyone who has had these experiences.

Cliff T.: And, you are asking that they contact you via your website?

Evan P.: Absolutely. The best way to reach us at the society is through

Cliff T.: Since the press release has gone live have you gotten any responses?

Evan P.: This is really odd. We expected to get some responses. However, it is not uncommon. Individuals often don't want to come forward because they are afraid of what others will think if the story got out. Moreover, we have to document the event. It is what our society does. Now we are willing to keep the individuals identities confidential, but we still have to document the event to make it scientifically sound. Most cases of the paranormal, we believe, go unreported because of fear.

Cliff T.: Once you have collected enough interviews with people what will you do with the information, are you planning to shed the insights you gain with the public?

Evan P.: Absolutely. As you can see on our website. All future expeditions are now being documented via video and are released in a documentary format free for public viewing on our website. In fact, we are getting ready to host a weekly radio show. Therefore, anyone interested in the Paranormal can follow us and see regular updates via our Blog which is at our website.

Cliff T.: Evan it's been interesting to learn more about what you do and I appreciate your taking time to do a Candid Conversation with me.

Evan P.: Thank you. It is my pleasure.

Evan Pedone, founder of the Florida Paranormal Society joined in a Candid Conversation from his office in Florida.

The website if you are in Florida and want to contact them about any paranormal activity, or if you want to respond to the request about an abduction by aliens or UFO sightings.