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Monday, December 14, 2015

Kardtects Creator Jenny Kile Talking Towers and Cards on Candid Conversations

The record breaking tower

When I was a kid I often built towers out of playing cards. It was fun seeing how high I could get before the whole thing collapsed. Interestingly enough there are cards made specifically for building towers. Jenny Kile the head of a company called Kardtects used her companies cards to build a tower which set a new worlds record for the tallest free standing card tower built with playing cards.

Jenny welcome to Candid Conversations

Jenny K.: Glad to be here, Cliff. Thanks for having me. I’m excited to talk about the many fantastic things happening with Kardtects (card architects). 

Cliff T.: This sounds so cool. From what I read in your press release it took you something like 11 hours to build the tower. Normal time to do this is apparently 80 hours! What made the job easier, let me guess the cards, right?

Jenny K.: Yes. You’re right. It’s our exclusively designed building cards. They are unique in texture, thickness, size, and design, and so building with Kardtects Building Cards is a lot easier and faster than building with the ordinary, smaller and more slippery playing cards. Building the impressive 26 foot tower proved this point quite well. I will be building another tower, higher, in the months to come.

But I should say, I only build towers to demonstrate the vast possibilities of what others can do with the cards. My favorite structures are actually the Castles, Egyptian Temples, Pyramids, Jungle Huts, Snakes, (one square) Garages, Roads, etc. built by children (and adults). It’s wonderful to see the Kardtects cards being played with across the country. Some awesome card houses are being constructed. Some one level, some higher. All are great!

Cliff T.: Kardtects is the company behind this, and I am assuming you’re the gal at the helm of the good ship Kardtects. Was the creation of the company based on past experience building with cards?

Jenny K.: It is all lollipops and fun here. Although I played with a similar type ‘card’ when I was younger, these were not officially meant for building. They were old file cards with tabs used in a business my Dad worked for and were being thrown out (Computers were taking their place).

Instead of making it to the trash, however, these cards were brought home by my Dad for my brothers, sisters, and I to play with. We used them to build ‘card’ towers, fortresses, and other card structures from them. They were an absolute joy. Even though they were pink.

I then later brought out from storage those same cards that I played with for my own children to play with. I watched them build and enjoy them as much as I had.

I decided I wanted to share the activity of card building with everyone. My Dad’s cards made it so much easier to build a card house. And so, yes, from years of card building experience with various types of cards, I believe Kardtects has been able to fine-tune, further develop, and has perfected the ultimate building card for all to build with.

Cliff T.: So what is the secret if there is any to building a card tower?

Jenny K.: You know, that is one of the most spectacular things about Kardtects. Although there are a few simple key steps to learn for better and more secure building, I believe anyone can build a card house with Kardtects cards. There isn’t any secret. If you can lean one card against another, follow the tips on how to build the ‘Kardtects Square’, then you can become a Master Kardtect (card architect). Kardtects has many videos on site showing these steps and what to build.

Cliff T.: 11 hours is still a bit of time to build, would you suggest that a person take breaks during the building process? And did you do that or did you just plow on and build the tower?

Jenny K.: Because building an almost 27 foot tower of freestanding building cards requires a location which allows a Master Kardtect to build that high, and in my case, a scissor lift to be driven on the floor to get me to that height, I’m not suggesting everyone do that.

And although I did just build right through the entire 11 hours without food, water, or restroom breaks (kidding), a six foot tower takes only about 10 minutes to build once a Master Kardtect, and maybe only a chair to stand on, so that is what kind of tower I suggest building.

I suggest first Mastering the Build of the Square. Which is leaning two cards together, adding the third, and then completing the square with the fourth. On this Square Foundation, add the roof. A Kardtect can then decide to go wider or higher by doing the same; Lean cards against others, add roofs, and it is amazing to see what can be built! It really is that simple! AND FUN! Again, videos are on site and YouTube. And we continue to update and offer more.

Cliff T.: I also noticed in the press release that you sell card building sets. That sounds like fun. Can you describe the sets?

Jenny K.: Currently, we offer three different sets. A Castle building set, a Desert/Egyptian building set, and a Jungle set. These have different artistic designs. So when you build a card structure with the castle set, it can look like a castle. With the Desert Set, you might choose to build a pyramid.

Each Master set includes enough Kardtects Building Cards to build an impressive structure. The cards are powered by imagination and so what one builds is limitless. The building sets offer this unending fun.

Cliff T.: As you mentioned what goes up has to come down, how did you get the tower down and in the sets themselves are there any special cards for the knocking down the tower?

Jenny K.: Destructions inspire new Creations. Within each set are included ‘Destroyers’. These are cardboard Disks with various Destroyers (characters) printer on them. After a card house is built, a Kardtect throws his ‘Destroyers’ at his structure to knock it down. He then builds again. Kardtects is fun from beginning to end, and the fun never stops.

The large towers, however, are built quite strong. Numerous Disks, and a bit of time, is needed to knock them down. So Kardtects loves to have fun with these Knock Downs in a different way. Sometimes we ask a child to punch through it, sometimes they run through it, and sometimes a Godzilla like monster comes and destroys it. It’s always exciting. Here’s a video of a 40 second destruction by ‘the Monster’ (we cut out the small child crying at the end…we got a little carried away and were a bit ‘too monstery’ after the tower came down. Hey, we live and learn. The Kardtects Monster is calmer, friendlier now.)

Other destruction videos are online.

Cliff T.: Do you and Kardtects design your own cards and sets and how long have you been in the business of creating cards for building with?

Jenny K.: Kardtects has been in business for just over a year. I have seen wonderful enthusiasm towards the building cards and what kids can do with them. The business continues to expand, but as of now, I am the one who has designed and created the cards (with support from family and friends).

Cliff T.: How long does a design take to create and put out on the market?

Jenny K.: There are lots of considerations to take into account when creating artistic prints for the cards. And then there are many other small details that make a huge difference to the end product. Other themes and specialties are in the making and testing. But once the various characteristics are all worked through, it’s just a matter of getting them produced. This doesn’t take too long.

Kardtects has a remarkable team to work with. Artists from around the world helped create the ‘Destroyers’(characters on the Disks), and several others have assisted in other elements. This team is bringing card building to all and it is proving to be an extremely fulfilling endeavor. More so each day.

Kardtects gets to see smiles on kid’s faces who have just built their first card house! At first they might have thought it was something they couldn’t do, but by following the tips, they can easily accomplish it. This builds confidence. And so Kardtects is inspired by the fact that Building builds values and a sense of real achievement for a child. This is heartwarming for me. I love that a simple product ‘BUILDS’ so much! It’s just wonderful.

Cliff T.: This sounds like a job that is a lot of fun. Jenny thanks for doing a Candid Conversation.

Jenny K.: Thank you. I always love talking about the cards because they are something I hold dear and know how much fun they can be. I still enjoy them. So go ahead, and become a Master Kardtect today! Build a card house!

Jenny Kile head of Kardtects a company that creates and sells playing cards specifically for building towers and card houses wrote to us from Wilkes Barre PA.

For more information about the company please visit

To see some of the videos they have visit


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