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I have requested two interviews.

1. Eviction Lab, want to know what is happening with evictions in the USA. Check this site out it's not pretty but it's important to talk about. So i have emailed and asked them for some insights.

2. I also contacted a site that does specialty tea sets. I hope to have someone from the site based in the UK contact me soon for an inerview.

3. I have also sent a request to two more people one expert on heat waves and a company that provides expert witnesses for trials.

C. T.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Candid Conversation With The Lovable Roxanne B.

Cliff T.: While working in a call centre in Edmonton Alberta I often had to call for assistance. One of those who made my job much easier is still a good friend of mine today. Her name is Roxanne This month she marks a mile stone in her life the big 50. Rox first let me say again that I would like to wish you a happy 50th birthday.

Roxanne: Thank you Cliff.

Cliff T.: 50 is a milestone indeed. What are you planning to do to mark the occasion?

Roxanne: Well at first I was going to have a big party but being me I just wanted to have an open house where all my friends can come together and celebrate with my family and I.

Cliff T.: Is there anyone special you will be thinking about during your birthday celebrations and if so whom and why?

Roxanne: My mothers (both passed) I was adopted but I knew my birth mom. They taught me some very valuable lessons. I would just like to be able to thank them.

Cliff T.: One of the things I often wondered about when I was working with you in Edmonton was why Edmonton, what was the attraction to the city?

Roxanne: My partner was in the Military and was posted. I at the time did not think about how far away from my family I would be.

Cliff T.: What is the best part about living in Edmonton?

Roxanne: I have made so many new friends.

Cliff T.: From your Facebook description I noted that you hail from the East Coast Nova Scotia to be exact. I am pretty sure you go back to visit folks there. What is a typical visit back home like?

Roxanne: I get so excited that the car does not seem to go fast enough. First there is a lot of kissing and crying. I come from a small community so when people drive by they notice a car in the driveway and they come in for a visit. Then the coffee comes out and the conversations and reminiscing starts. Lots of fish fries and visiting and of course church. I have been told I can sing like and angel so I sing when I go home. The ladies in the community request a Hymn and I sing with or without music. Then I know my visit is complete.

Cliff T.: Have you ever considered going back to your hometown now that the company you worked with has left Edmonton? Why or why not?

Roxanne: I did think about going back but there is no work there.

Cliff T.: Do you have a dream job and if so are you going to try to make it happen?

Roxanne: Funny you should ask. When I was a small girl about 8 a Neiman Marcus catalog found its way into our home. I spent days looking at that catalog and said one day I want to work for them. I found the most wonderful feeling of helping customers but also my fellow employees. To me the best part of my day was that I made my customer happy my fellow employees and most of all I felt so satisfied.

Cliff T.: As I mentioned 50 is a biggie in terms of milestones. What do you think your greatest achievement has been?

Roxanne: That I have made a difference in the world. God gave me a gift of a smile and I try my best to share it. I will smile and people have said it makes them smile. Knowing that I have given someone a small happiness in and otherwise disappointing day is an achievement in its. To me everyone should have a happy moment in their day, we have enough angry people out in the world.

Roxanne Currently lives in Edmonton with her husband Chris who is a retired army Sargent and her daughter. She was part of the Neiman Marcus call centre team in Edmonton until it's closure in 2008.

C. T.