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Monday, July 3, 2017

This Conversation is Going to the Dogs and Cats Via An Interview With Kevin MacKenzie Founder of Pet Store In a Box

Blinds in a box, underwear in a box, dresses coats, you name it people are getting it in a box, there is even a bunch of food companies selling guess what, meals in a box.

So why not do the same for pets. Yep pets, Kevin MacKenzie, author and award winning Customer Service and Sales rep with many years of experience in the pet industry has come up with the unique idea to place premium products in a box. Each box has, treats, toys and other things in it, and what is interesting is that the box contains the items based on the pet’s size and other attributes. Kevin joins us for a Candid Conversation about the Pet Shop in a Box.

Kevin welcome to Candid Conversations

Cliff T.: Pet Store in a Box, why, what was or is the motivation behind this venture?

Kevin M.: Thanks for the opportunity to talk to you and your readers about my story. It has been said if you can find something you love and do it as a job you will never work a day in your life. As I child I always wanted to see different pet stores. Then at age 15 I got my dream job where I worked in a retail pet store for over 10 years and loved every second of it.

After that I worked for a larger manufacturer and distributor of pet supplies. My new customers were the same stores I loved to visit as a young boy. I was there for 17 years and loved helping pets and owners alike. I always enjoyed teaching pet owners and training the staff at the pet stores who would take my knowledge and pass it along to pet owners and their pets. In a very small way I've likely helped in the care of over one million pets!

In 2013 I left the pet industry but it still remained in my heart. I wrote a book on motivation called 123 Ways to Get Motivated AND Stay Motivated available on Amazon in August 2016 and soon started my second book on sales shortly after. It was then that I had a eureka moment during the second chapter and I came up with Pet Store In a Box.

Cliff T.: How long did it take to develop the program?

Kevin M.: The idea came flooding in at me really. I started thinking about all my observations during my almost 30 years in the pet industry. I wanted pet owners to spend more time playing with their pet and less time shopping for their pet.

We all lead busy lives and pet owners are no different. Many pets are left at home for extended periods of time and get bored with the same toys for weeks or months. Sometimes pet owners don't think about the type of toys, treats or accessories that is best for their cat or dog. You won't get that kind of experience and advice at a big box store where the employee in the pet section was just working in the paint department earlier in the day.

During the check out process at Pet Store In a Box you are asked a few questions to learn about your pet. This way we have literally dozens of combinations of boxes. We factor in your pets size - from a tiny ‘tea cup’ puppy to a giant 100+ pound one, then there is the pets age - puppy / kitten to senior pets, how aggressive of a chewer your pet is from cuddler to very aggressive chewer and so on.

Cliff T.: Were there any challenges when you started to build this project? And if so what were the ways you overcame them?

Kevin M.: Getting people to understand the concept for some was a challenge especially for the older generation. Once I described it as a monthly subscription (think magazine delivered once a month to your home) but for pet supplies most people got it.

Cliff T.: Kevin even as I sit here asking these questions I have to smile, I think this is so uniquely interesting. That said pets and they’re owners can be quite picky. How do you go about ensuring the best possible result with respect to Pet Store in a Box?

Kevin M.: As mentioned we take not just the pet into consideration but also the time of year. We consider seasonal times as well. Take for instance this month’s shipment for dogs. We sent out portable water bottles that have a small dish attached. Perfect for when your pet needs a drink in the heat.

Our customer’s pets are unique and we think their box should be as unique as they are. No cookie cutter approach here.

Cliff T.: OK, so this is a subscription service, typically how long does a customer subscribe for?

Kevin M.: We have month to month boxes if someone wants to just try us out but our annual subscriptions are by far the most popular because of the extra savings and free shipping (within Canada).
Cliff T.: Can the customer keep ordering the same things in the box or can they change what comes in the box each month?

Kevin M.: Once the customer places the order we take it from there unless they wish to change a particular variable during the subscription timeworn example, if your pet moves from an aggressive chewer to a light chewer or from adult cat to a senior cat. We are here to help so just ask.

Cliff T.: There is no peace treaty in the box, can you explain that and the philosophy of the pet comes first?

Kevin M.: We offer so much variety to our customers. We have single cat boxes, multi-cat cat boxes, single dog boxes, muti-dog boxes, boxes for one cat and one dog and what we the menagerie box for homes with at least two dogs and two cats. If you have cats and dogs in the same house you just might need a peace treaty.

As a kid we had a Siamese cat and a English Bulldog and most days a peace treaty was necessary.

If you hold a two different pet treats or toys in your hand and your pet loves one over the other what one are you buying? Price at that point often isn't even considered because you want what is best for the pet and what the pet wants. That's why the customer isn't first, the pet is. That's the way it should be. The bottom line is we care that much about your pet.

Cliff T.: Kevin can you give our readers an idea of the size of the box and what kind of things they may see when they open it?

Kevin M. Due to the various products for both cats and dogs we aim to have 6-8 premium pet treats, toys and accessories each and every month. Some months might have three toys and others only one where you might get four treats one month and two the next.

What will remain the same each month and for all dogs and cats is the value in each box. You will be saving money versus what you pay in the stores plus you save gas and time going and there is the most priceless thing: more time to play with your pet.

You might say we ship purrs and tail wags every month!

Cliff T.: 28 years in the business, you really love your job, but I also sense that you love animals too. Is this what really drives you to do this kind of work?

Kevin M.: Absolutely! I wouldn't have it any other way. That's why my level of care comes out in every single box we ship. Your pet isn't like your family, it IS your family.

Cliff T.: I also noticed that your partnering with other organizations like the SPCA. What is the connection to them?

Kevin M.: We are proud to donate a percentage of proceeds from each and every box to our local humane society. It's important to us that we give back.

Cliff T.: It is obvious that you’re a pet lover, do you have pets?

Kevin M.: I've had everything from goldfish to alligators but currently we only have one fish. My youngest son is allergic to cats and my wife, ironically, isn't a dog person.

Cliff T.: What is the most important message you want to offer or get out regarding the care of animals?

Kevin M.: Pets need variety and high quality pet treats, toys and accessories please consider a subscription from Pet Store In a Box. It's a great gift for pets and the people who love them.

Finally, summer is here. Please do not leave your pet in a car alone, not even for a second.

Cliff T.: Kevin thanks very much for sharing your story and passion for pets with me and the readers of Candid Conversations.

Kevin M.: It has been my pleasure. Thanks again.

Kevin Mackenzie founder of Pet Shop in a Box joined us from Courtice ON, check out them out on the web at